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Free Online Diet and Nutrition Course for Truck Drivers Now Available

Healthy truck driver

TR Group is pleased to announce the launch of its free online diet and nutrition course specifically designed for truck drivers.

As a truck driver, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging due to long hours on the road and limited access to healthy food options. The course is designed to address these challenges and provide truck drivers with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed choices about their diet and nutrition.

The course is presented by registered dietitian, Angela Berrill, and also contains interviews with ten experienced truck drivers.

To view the online diet and nutrition course for truck drivers, visit

The course covers a range of topics, including the importance of a balanced diet, how to choose healthy snacks on the road, budgeting, and how a driver’s nutrition and hydration affect their abilities behind the wheel. It also provides practical tips for meal planning and preparation specifically designed for drivers.

“We understand the unique challenges that truck drivers face when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Shane O’Grady, TR Group’s National Sales Manager. “That’s why we developed this course to provide practical, accessible information to help truck drivers make healthier choices.”

The course is available online via TR Group subsidiary, DT Driver Training, making it easy and convenient for truck drivers to access and complete on their own schedule. It is also affordable – until July 31st, it’s completely free!

“We believe that everyone should have access to quality education and training, regardless of their location or occupation,” said O’Grady. “We are proud to offer this course as part of our commitment to improve outcomes in the transport industry.”

So if you’re responsible for a team of drivers or are behind the wheel yourself click on the link to avail of this great offer!

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Shane O'Grady

Shane has been with TR Group since 2014 as our National Sales Manager. He is responsible for leading the lease sales team, focusing on growing our asset base and long term revenue. Moreover, he leads a team passionate for trucks and people, making sure to match great customers with the right vehicles, each and every time.


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