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TRym: The gym that brings people closer together.

TR Group's Gym

Focusing on health and fitness is becoming more and more important and a number of businesses have built fitness areas and gyms for their staff to use. In most cases, having a gym at the workplace is simply useful and convenient for its employees, but what makes TR Group’s gym, or TRym as we call it, different is how it came to be and what it contributes to the company.

It’s more than just a place to work out. The best thing about the TRym is the bond it creates between the people who go there. Yes, it promotes health and fitness, but it gives the TR team so much more than that. Camaraderie is strengthened with a dash of healthy competition on the side.

The idea began with Neil Bretherton, TR Group’s general manager, and Garry Jones, a course development manager at TR Master Drive Services. Together they launched the project. Garry is TR’s resident cross-fit champion who has spent most of his life in the pursuit of fitness and healthy living.

Garry served in the New Zealand Army for 22 years, which is why fitness and training have become second nature to him. He takes time to encourage everyone around him, whether it be his family, friends, and even the drivers he trained when he was a Master Drive instructor.

His fondness and passion for cross-fit led him to start his own gym in Takanini. He’s been managing this for over 4 years now, which is why going to Garry to build an office gym was the perfect call for TR Group.

According to Garry, the TRym is simply “another thing where people can see how good the company is”, and in alignment with TR Group’s goal to make things easy for its customers, the company also makes sure that things are easy for its employees. Ergo, “fitness that’s easy for you.”

TRym has been up and running for a year now and over half of the Auckland staff uses it every week. There are TRym regulars such as the Sales Team, who have made a commitment to come in every Monday. They’ve managed to get everyone in on the action (even the ones who wouldn’t normally go to a gym) and in the spirit of teamwork, everyone’s made a promise of accountability to each other.

TR Group’s values are reflected in the TRym as it is in everything the company does. After all, TR Group is a family where everyone’s wellbeing is a top priority.

About the author

Hamish Quinn

Hamish has been in the trucking industry for some time and has a range of impressive roles under his belt. He is now one of TR Group’s Sales and Accounts Managers, working together with the lease sales team.


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