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We’re focused on keeping your vehicles running smoothly.

TR Group maximising uptime

Maintenance Management and Maximising Uptime

We are focused on maximising the uptime of our vehicles with robust preventative maintenance plans and by holding a stock of ‘swing componentry’ for parts that are quicker to replace than to rebuild, getting your vehicle back on the road as soon
as possible.

24/7 Nationwide Support

24/7 Nationwide Support

Our Area Maintenance Managers, Tyre Specialists, and Parts Team make up one of the most experienced groups of heavy commercial vehicle experts across Australia and New Zealand.

Breakdown Support

Breakdown Support

TR Group’s 0800 number is manned 24/7, meaning we are always available to manage and assist with unexpected maintenance issues whenever they occur.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

We can tailor a maintenance plan specific to your application to maximise uptime and reliability. This will eliminate consequential major component failure, reducing whole of life cost, and lost time.

Managing Warranties

Managing Warranties

We manage and coordinate warranty issues and recalls ensuring the safety of your fleet isn’t compromised and always meets manufacturer’s specifications.

Managed Maintenance

As part of a leasing relationship with TR, we can also help with managing the maintenance and tyres of your company-owned fleet.

When you put your heavy commercial vehicle on the road, you expect it to work hard, be reliable, and cause you no surprises. The reality can be very different and can cost you a lot in time, money, and frustration. Even if the vehicle is an excellent performer, it still takes constant vigilance and proactive management to ensure it stays that way.

Our Managed Maintenance service aims to:

  • reduce your fleet costs per kilometre
  • identify further areas of improvement using accurate reporting and preventative maintenance plans
  • increase the overall safety and compliance of your fleet
  • review and improve your downtime management
  • eliminate the burden of administering the maintenance on your own fleet

Tyre Management

TR Group provides up-to-date tyre Cost Per Kilometre (CPK) information on individual vehicles, specific axle, tyre size, and products used. Individual tyre failures are investigated and analysed. TR Group has Service Level Agreements with all tyre suppliers which are reviewed regularly.

As part of TR Group’s continuous improvement plan, our tyre suppliers engage with us when new products and/or technologies are launched. This enables TR Group to be at the forefront with information and expertise.


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