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Latest Sustainability News

Environmental Sustainability

TR Group recognises that we have a part to play in redefining the future of the transport industry.
For this reason, we foster and implement ideas to minimise our business’ impact on the environment.
We’re committed to leading the way in sustainable practices that benefit the environment, our team, our customers, and future generations.
TR Group aims to learn and educate by encouraging initiatives that reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our business and fleet.

Sustainable Transport Solutions

Our goal is to lead the way in offering our customers cost-effective, sustainable, zero and reduced emission
solutions through all of the emerging technologies that are now becoming available in Australasia.

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Sustainable Repair and Maintenance Solutions

For our existing fleet it is important to TR that we are always looking for initiatives and products than can help improve the performance and efficiency of our fleet. This helps to CO2 reduce emissions, fuel consumption and improve running costs for our customers all while having a positive impact on the the environment.

Tyre Retreads and Recycling

Tyres are an essential part of our business, and in line with our goal to lessen our environmental impact, we have partnered with specialist tyre suppliers who retread tyres.
Retreading tyres is a practical way to recycle worn tyres and makes them reusable upwards of five times, provided the casing is looked after.

Currently, our fleet uses approximately 9,000 retreaded tyres per annum. These alone have saved 315,320 litres of oil, 66,920 kilograms of rubber, 60,822 kilograms of steel, and 54,888 kilograms of CO2 emissions per annum. We are proud to support our retread tyre suppliers, and together, we continue to carry out our goal of creating a sustainable transport future today.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Tyres make up 5% of the average fleet’s total cost of ownership. You can fit a Premium tyre, but if you don’t maintain the correct tyre pressure, you will not get the maximum benefits from it.

TR is currently trialling two different TPMS systems across a number of trailers in our rental fleet. Correctly inflated tyres deliver higher mileage, lower fuel usage, better safety for drivers, and better opportunities to retread. Early indications during our trial are showing us achieving better tyre wear on these trailers compared to other trailers in the same configuration. This reduced wear rate will result in a significant CO2 saving by reducing the number of tyres needing to be replaced.

Recycled Rhino Mudguards

TR Group is proud to collaborate with Rhino Manufacturing in its initiative to recycle and repurpose plastic truck mudguards into New Zealand’s first recycled plastic truck mudguards. These recycled mudguards are not only a sustainable solution but also a cost effective one, as the recycled mudguards are the same price as new guards. The recycled mudguards perform in strength and colour, and meet the necessary industry requirements.

It’s also a cost-effective solution as the recycled mudguards are the same price as new guards. A collaboration between some of the country’s leading manufacturing and transport companies, such as Fonterra, will mean hundreds of plastic truck mudguards will not be going to landfill this year – and instead will be recycled into new mudguards for heavy commercial vehicles.

Zed One Oil Filters

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious transport industry, we have installed Zed One engine oil filters on a selection of our trucks. The Zed One oil filter is a high-efficiency bypass filter with an extremely high degree of oil filtration. The unique design outperforms standard filters by removing unwanted particles as small as 3 microns and extracts 99% of moisture. This helps remove more contaminants from the engine oil and in some cases, we have halved the amount of engine oil changes required. This has had a significant positive environmental impact by reducing not just the consumption of oil but also reducing the amount of oil needing to be disposed of.

On the road, testing has proved the efficiency of the Zed One. We have fitted Zed One filters to 52 trucks and oil savings to date are over 5,000 litres, which is more than 24 large drums of oil that are not consumed. This equates to a reduction of CO2 production of over 7,500 kilograms

Sustainable Refurbishment Solutions

As we constantly work towards better lead times for repairs and getting our customers back on the road faster and safely, it’s important we do this responsibly with the least impact on the  environment as possible.


Sandblasting is a crucial process in the truck refurbishment industry that involves the use of high-velocity abrasive materials to clean and prepare the surface of a truck chassis or other metal components. It is an essential step in the refurbishment process, especially when preparing trucks for painting using compressed air to propel sand at high speeds onto a surface.

The force of these abrasive particles helps remove rust, paint, dirt, and other contaminants from the metal surface, helping to ensure the longevity and quality of the final product. Sandblasting is considered a safer and more eco-friendly method of cleaning as it doesn’t involve the use of harmful solvents or chemicals that can be detrimental to the environment and worker health.

We reviewed our standard processes and looked at how we can minimise our impact on the environment. Since this review, we have upgraded our sandblasting facility. This upgrade allows us to recycle our sand up to 8 times, saving 16 tons of sand and significantly reducing the amount of waste we produce each year.

DG Products

As our fleet grows and we process more jobs, our use of DG products increases, particularly when it comes to painting and refurbishing trucks and trailers. These DG products are only used in a fully compliant, full-down-draft booth, which collects hazardous particles with removable filters.

Premium low-volatile organic compound paint products are also used, allowing us to give the best finish with the lowest impact possible on the environment. We recycle our own DG waste on-site, saving 300 litres of solvents per annum, which we then reuse for cleaning.

Further to this, we are collaborating with key suppliers such as PPG around waterborne products and new state-of-the-art wrapping procedures as part of our continuous improvement and sustainability efforts.

As a member of the Collision Repair Association, we are regularly audited and work with our DG partners to learn new practices to keep our team safe and minimise our impact on the environment.

Sustainable Business Solutions

Paragraph here talking about how the business is analysing where sustainable improvements can be made and how each of the  initiatives listed below have been implemented.

Water Conservation

Our nationwide truck wash bays have high volume tanks that collect and store rainwater.
This repurposing of rainwater for our truck wash effectively conserves water and reduces our reliance on dams and other water sources. As a business, TR Group wants to make a difference in people’s lives and show leadership in our industry.


TR Group branches have improved recycling daily waste by adding multiple bins for rubbish. Previously, only plastics, glass, and cardboard were recycled and by adding in paper and organic waste bins, we can make sure that we recycle more effectively.

Stationary Promotional Items

Our contribution to environmental sustainability is now reflected in our stationary and promotional items. We have sourced eco-friendly alternatives for stationary and promotional materials such as notebooks, eco bags, pens, reusable mugs, etc.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

TR Group has started replacing its existing company car fleet with hybrid and electric vehicles.
Using these types of vehicles in our business puts us in a position where we can encourage more people and businesses to use fuel-alternative vehicles. While we are one company, we believe that taking the opportunity to influence others in and out of our industry to practice sustainability in their business creates a positive impact on our environment.


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