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Latest Sustainability News

Environmental Sustainability at TR Group Truck and Trailer Hire

Environmental Sustainability

TR Group recognises that we have a part to play in redefining the future of the transport industry. For this reason, we have put together a team that fosters and implements ideas to minimise our impact on the environment – TR Group’s Sustainability Council. Our Sustainability Council is committed to leading the way in sustainable practices that benefit the environment, our team, our customers, and future generations to come. The Sustainability Council's aim is to learn and educate by encouraging initiatives that reduce waste and improve the efficiency of our business and fleet.

Hydrogen Trucks Available for Hire from TR Group

Hydrogen Trucks

TR Group has partnered with Hiringa Energy to explore the introduction of heavy fuel cell electric trucks for the New Zealand Market. The partnership builds on Hiringa’s technical expertise and relationships with international fuel cell manufacturers, integrators, and OEMs. Hiringa and TR Group will work together to ensure New Zealand-suitable solutions are available to meet heavy vehicle operators’ needs and introduce the technology to the country.

Electric Trucks Available to Hire from TR Group

Electric Trucks

In conjunction with the support of the Energy Efficiency and Conversion Authority, TR Group aims to increase the uptake of electric heavy vehicles in New Zealand by providing transport operators easy and risk-free access to trial and learn about the technology to prove out its long- term economic viability and overall positive impact for our environment. We now have over 15 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) being operated by our lease customers around the country. The first 3 rental BEVs went into service in January 2021 available for short term hire.

Recycling icon


TR Group branches have improved recycling daily waste by adding multiple bins for rubbish. Previously, only plastics, glass, and cardboard were recycled and by adding in paper and organic waste bins, we can make sure that we recycle more effectively.

Water Conservation icon

Water Conservation

Our Wash Bays are equipped with high-volume tanks that collect and store rainwater off the roof. Repurposing rainwater for our truck wash is an effective way to conserve water and reduces our reliance on dams and other water sources.

Stationery and Promotional Items

Stationery and Promotional Items

Our contribution to environmental sustainability is now reflected in our stationary and promotional items. We have investigated and sourced eco-friendly alternatives for stationary and promotional materials such as notebooks, eco bags, pens, reusable mugs, etc. This way, our promotional items carry out the TR Group brand with our intentions of using merchandise that are better for the environment, be it by use of recycled materials or through encouraging reusable items.

Tyre retreads at TR Group

Tyre Retreads

Tyres are an essential part of our business, and in line with our goal to lessen our environmental impact, we have partnered with specialist tyre suppliers who retread tyres. Retreading tyres is a practical way to recycle worn tyres and makes them reusable. As of 2021, the uptake on retreaded tyres has been huge in New Zealand, with approximately 350,000 retreads produced annually nationwide. TR Group is proud to support all of our retread tyre suppliers, and together, we continue in carrying out our goal of creating a sustainable transport future today.

Low emission icon at TR Group Truck and Trailer Hire

Euro 6 Emission Trucks

TR Group has established a policy to only order Euro 6 emission trucks to our rental fleet. Euro 6 emission truck standards help reduce harmful NOx emissions from diesel vehicles, addressing the growing gap between laboratory and real-world emissions, not only for NOx but also fuel consumption and CO2. TR Group is taking these steps as part of our commitment to reduce emissions and work towards a zero-emission future.

Zed One Oil Filters fitted to TR Group Trucks and Trailers

Zed One Oil Filters

As part of our commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious transport industry, we install Zed One engine oil filters on a selection of our trucks. The Zed One oil filter is a high-efficiency bypass filter with an extremely high degree of oil filtration. This helps remove more contaminants from the engine oil and allows increases to the interval between engine oil changes. In some cases, we have halved the amount of engine oil changes required, and this has a significant positive environmental impact by reducing not just the consumption of oil but also reducing the amount of oil needing to be disposed of.

Rhino Mudguards fitter to TR Group Trucks and Trailers

Recycled Rhino Mudguards

TR Group is proud to collaborate with Rhino Manufacturing, Rotorua, in its initiative to recycle and repurpose hundreds of plastic truck mudguards, so they don’t have to go to the landfill. These upcycled mudguards are not only a sustainable solution but also a cost effective one, as the recycled mudguards are the same price as new guards.

Electric Vehicles available for hire from TR Group

Electric Vehicles

TR Group aims to explore hybrid and electric vehicles to add to its corporate car fleet. Part of this is New Zealand’s Car of the Year 2022, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 – a battery-electric SUV known for its sustainability, technology, safety, and electric performance. Using these types of vehicles in our business puts us in a position where we can encourage more people and businesses to use fuel-alternative vehicles. While we are one company, we believe that taking the opportunity to influence others in and out of our industry to practice sustainability in their business creates a positive impact on our environment.


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