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You've got
better things to do
than worry about your fleet.

Making heavy vehicle fleet management easy for you.

Whether you’re running a single truck or managing a nationwide transport operation, it takes a lot of time and effort. You could do it all yourself, but we know that dealing with the stress isn't pleasant or productive. We can make your fleet safer and more efficient across the board, which is why TR Group is your perfect heavy fleet partner.

Who we are
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Seriously, we know almost everything about TRUCKS & TRAILERS

And if we don’t know it, then it’s
most likely not worth knowing.

We're NZ's largest heavy vehicle rental and lease company. We've been in the heavy transport game for more than two decades, so we've dealt with just about every type of big vehicle on New Zealand roads. With over 5,500 vehicles currently on the road, it's safe to say that we know pretty much everything there is to know about trucks and trailers.

What we do
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The VALUE of dealing with TR Group

We’ve been working with Kiwi fleet operators and drivers for over 20 years, so we know what’s needed to look after every single customer and every vehicle, every day. We tick all the boxes:

  • We've got New Zealand’s biggest selection of trucks and trailers
  • They're available for lease, rental or purchase
  • We offer world-class operations support
  • We run driver training at all levels
  • We’ve got the best people in the industry, with the right skills
  • We're nationwide, with twelve branches
  • And we're Kiwi owned and operated
Why TR Group
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that drive TR Group

When you drill right down to it,
people do business with people.

This old saying is spot on, but never more so than in the high-pressure and time-critical heavy transport industry. To succeed, you need to work with people who truly understand your challenges, and who know exactly what’s needed to keep your vehicles on the road.

Our People
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Your complete
heavy transport lease partner

Whatever your company needs,
we’re set up to deliver.

We’re all about flexibility and choice, so when you need to lease heavy transport equipment, we’ve got the best, most up-to-date range of trucks and trailers in New Zealand. We’ve got vehicles to cover just about any project, and if we don’t, we absolutely will find them for you.

Vehicle Leasing
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Our customers are the lifeblood of our business.

Any company can talk up their products and services. In fact, many do. But not all of them can back up what they say by fully delivering on each and every point. So how do you know exactly how well a company lives up to the promises on its website and in its advertising? You ask the existing customers, that’s how.

Our Customers

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