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New Zealand Truck Driver Championship

Stability tanker

Imagine New Zealand’s roads being the safest in the world. We might have a long way to go but road safety starts with those behind the wheel. Which is why TR Group is proud to support the Road Transport Forum’s New Zealand Truck Driver Championship.

The New Zealand Truck Driver Championship is an annual competition hosted by the Road Transport Forum (RTF) in partnership with TR Group and TR Master Drive Services. But beyond the competition, this event encourages drivers all over New Zealand to be safe drivers, making sure that they get to and from their destination safely, every time.

Operating heavy vehicles is not an easy task and the job involves multiple risks. Long hours of driving, day and night, can take its toll on a person if they are not aware of how to best take care of themselves, their vehicle, and how they drive.

By supporting the RTF’s Truck Driver Championship, we get to see the finest heavy vehicle operators in the country do what they do best, while also encouraging other drivers to gain an even higher level of competence. It also promotes disciplines that every truck driver needs to exercise in order to get to and from their destination safely.

As Andrew Carpenter, TR Group Managing Director says, “TR Group have been working with Kiwi businesses and their drivers for over 25 years and we know what’s needed to make operating heavy vehicles a success. This sponsorship emphasizes TR Group’s ongoing support for the industry and our desire to support safe driving. Furthermore, it shows our continued commitment to lessen environmental impact and to improve heavy vehicle safety throughout the country. We look forward to being part of the New Zealand Truck Driver Championship and we’re keen to ensure it remains a sustainable ongoing annual event. This sponsorship is a proud moment for TR Group”.

You can learn more about the NZ Truck Driver Championship at

About the author

Neil Bretherton

Neil is TR Group’s second longest serving staff member, just a few weeks behind Andrew Carpenter, the company’s Managing Director. Neil’s a family man and the General Manager in Strategic Development for both TR Group and Master Drive Services. He sees to it that the company’s top priorities are trucks, safety, people, and the environment.


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