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Weedons School’s Year 7 Barbecue

TR Group Christchurch

The very core of TR Group are its people and how we share the same values. So even with 12 branches, nationwide, these values are reflected by each and every team member no matter where they are in the country or in the world.

In April, Weedons School held their annual Year 7 Camp, which saw 24 children and 7 adults pushed well out of their comfort zone. Making sure everyone had a good feed might’ve become a handful of a task. But the TR Group BBQ trailer took care of that. Food is a common language we share in the company and being able to loan our BBQ trailer to a group of hungry students is a great reward.

About the author

Pete Cochrane

Pete has been interested in trucks since he was just three years old and drove his first truck, a TK Bedford when he was just nine. Pete has been with TR Group since 2015, first as TR Master Drive Services’ Programme Manager, and now as the South Island Rental Manager. He manages TR Group’s fleet of heavy rental truck and trailers operating out of Christchurch and Dunedin.


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