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Transformed by Technology

Optimus Truck

TR Group was founded in 1992 and 11 years later we installed our first fleet management and accountancy software to help the business keep pace with its growth. We believe that to become better at what we do, we need to continuously improve and adjust to the times. We can’t keep using horses when cars are available. But why stop there?

From the beginning, TR Group has always been dedicated to becoming a world class fleet leasing and rental company. We achieve this by having excellent people who are passionate about what they do and they make a big difference. Each team member has a role that’s unique and each department creates a significant impact on the business. This has been proven time and again and a great example is how “Optimus” came to be.

What is “Optimus”? Let's take a quick trip back to 2003 when we first installed Microsoft Dynamics AX1, a store-bought computer software designed to help the accountants in our finance department crunch some big numbers. Working alongside AX1 was a fleet management system, developed to keep track of our fleet 24/7/365. While being able to track all our vehicles is useful, our IT team put their brains together and saw that they could improve on the current system to do even more. The upgrades led to what we know now as Optimus, TR Group’s mighty fleet management system.

Named after the Transformer, Optimus Prime, it’s easy to see the connection. Optimus Prime is a leader with excellent decision-making skills and advanced extra-terrestrial weaponry. Although Optimus Prime is a fictional character, our ERP System has been in action since 2010.

Now we have a total of three systems that make all aspects of heavy vehicle fleet management easy for us and our clients. Joining Optimus is Ironhide, our booking system for TR Master Drive Services, and the baby of the three, Megatron, which will grow up to be our mighty accounting software system.

We keep rolling out new ways to make heavy vehicle fleet management easy and we’re proud to be keeping up with the times. As TR Group continues to grow, we owe it to all the unique and talented individuals who make it all happen. We’re very privileged to have a world-class team of innovators who help us keep trucking into the future with confidence and zeal.

About the author

Kit Gray

Kit has been with TR Group since 2010 and has certainly made a mark for herself as our Senior Analyst Programmer. She’s been the “IT Girl” for years and you can see this daily through her work, most specifically with Optimus, as well as the fashion forward outfits she wears in the office.


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