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The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation

The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation

The number of children who have a strong habit of reading has steadily declined over the years. We live in a digital age where we’re face to face with screens every day. As technology advances, the number of children who prefer screens over books has dramatically increased. In other cases, there are children who simply do not have access to books, hindering their potential learning during their formative years.

The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation, also known as Duffy Books in Homes, aims to bring books to children who have little to no access to them. They also teach kids the value of reading and how forming this habit jet sets them for the future. However, it’s more than just being able to read a lot of books. Developing a habit of reading forms good communication skills and children who become good communicators, become good leaders.

We at TR Group value leadership and we believe that being a good leader is so much more than just listing down tasks for people to do, but rather guiding them on how to do those tasks, lending a hand when it’s necessary, and helping them grow to their full potential. Which is why we are privileged to be supporting Duffy Books in Homes as they help more and more children grow to their full potential by bringing back the habit of reading!

Every year, they provide free books to over 100,000 children in the country and with that, a spark that turns into a flame that can keep the younger generation’s future bright. With digital media becoming more prevalent, communication becomes a harder task for the younger generation. They’ve started to rely solely on technology instead of having face-to-face conversations which is perceived as a setback rather than a breakthrough.

People skills come with constant communication and so does leadership. Supporting Duffy Books in Homes brings a sense of hope that it’s never too late to re-instil the love for books in children.

Learn how you too can support Duffy Books in Homes at

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Hamish Quinn

Hamish has been in the trucking industry for some time and has a range of impressive roles under his belt. He is now one of TR Group’s Sales and Accounts Managers, working together with the lease sales team.


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