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TR Group Maintenance: Maximising uptime 24/7/365.

TR Group Maintenance workshop

In addition to providing our customers with the best in short and long term hire of heavy commercial vehicles, TR Group prides itself on the expertise that backs up our trucks and trailers. When you lease or hire gear from us, it is backed by our Maintenance Team, who are on the job 24/7, working to maximise the uptime of your fleet.

Today’s heavy commercial vehicles are increasingly complex pieces of equipment that require a lot of expertise and experience to ensure they operate at their optimum. When you put your gear on the road, you expect it to work hard, be reliable, and get the job done. Managing a fleet can cost a lot of time, money, and lost productivity without the oversight of an experienced team.

This is where TR Group’s Maintenance Team comes in. When you deal with TR Group, our sole focus is maximising the uptime of your truck and trailer fleet, ensuring that the gear will keep working for your business. Our team works behind the scenes with manufacturers and suppliers, and we hold an extensive range of parts across the country, making sure any issues that could arise are managed to minimise the disruption. The value we offer comes from the expertise-driven solutions we provide, from preventative maintenance to our 24/7/365 rental backup and service support.

When you lease and rent trucks and trailers from TR Group, we work hard to take away the distraction of managing your heavy commercial fleet so you can focus on your customers, your team and your business. Learn more about Rental and Fully Maintained Operating Leases from TR Group at

About the author

Shane O'Grady

Shane has been with TR Group since 2014 as our National Sales Manager. He is responsible for leading the lease sales team, focusing on growing our asset base and long term revenue. Moreover, he leads a team passionate for trucks and people, making sure to match great customers with the right vehicles, each and every time.


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