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TR Master Drive Services is the only driver training company in New Zealand that can deliver measurable improvements in profitability, safety, efficiency and compliance in heavy transport fleets.

High-level driver training can make a huge difference in the lives of the people we share the roads with, and of course, having your drivers working at their best is great for business. Add in the environmental impact, and it becomes clear that a professional driver training programme is critical to the effective operation of any fleet.

The TR Master Drive Services programme is currently delivering remarkable results through a series of programmes that cover a wide range of licensing and non-licensing courses, which includes communication, management information, driver development, tyre management and other improvements.

TR Master Drive Services have 11 training centres across New Zealand and are licensed by a number of leading transport and driving authorities, including the New Zealand Transport Agency, WorkSafe NZ and the EPA. TR Master Drive Services have a large group of professional and highly trained instructors who have a wide number of industry leading accreditations and registered qualifications that ensure they train to the highest levels in New Zealand.

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