Maintenance and Tyre Management

Maintenance and Tyre Management

We’ve got over 5,500 vehicles on the road, and we’re seriously focused on keeping them running smoothly. Our Managed Maintenance service uses the same disciplines and practices that we apply to our own rental and lease fleets. 

Our maintenance team can leverage greater efficiencies and economies of scale to maintain vehicles more effectively than any single client can. Managed Maintenance allows you to cut repair and maintenance costs across the board for the full life of your assets. This service is only available to our lease and rental customers.

Our Managed Maintenance service aims to:

  • Reduce your fleet costs per kilometre
  • Identify further areas of improvement using accurate reporting and preventative maintenance plans
  • Increase the overall safety and compliance of your fleet
  • Review and improve your downtime management
  • Eliminate the burden of administering the maintenance on your own fleet 

Facts And Figures

over 300 service providers

We work with over 300 service providers nationwide

 14 million kilometers per month

Our fleet does an average of 14 million kilometers per month

5,500 invoices per month

We process over 5,500 invoices per month

$36m on repair and maintenance

Each year, we spend $36m on repair and maintenance, and $6m on tyres.

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