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The benefits of Leasing from TR Group

Large fleet

The largest lease fleet in New Zealand

We have New Zealand’s largest lease and rental fleets – basically we buy better, we service better, and we fund better. So you get reliable vehicles that are 100% fit for purpose, at great rates without the risks associated with ownership.

Best Downtime

The best downtime cover in the industry

If your vehicle is new (less than 12 months old with less than 200,000km travelled), we will credit you or provide a replacement vehicle for any time it is off the road, outside of scheduled servicing, no questions asked! Once your vehicle is over 12 months old we will credit you for any time it is off the road after 96 hours from point of breakdown.

Free driver training with TR Master Drive Services

We’ve included free driver training with every new vehicle leased from TR Group. This unique service means your drivers will be trained how to operate your new vehicles in the safest, most compliant and efficient manner possible.

Fully Maintained Operating Lease – with fixed monthly cost

Operating leases allow credit lines to be maintained, capital to be preserved or invested in more productive assets to fund growth. A fully maintained operating lease offers an attractive alternative to ownership.

By partnering with TR Group, you can take advantage of our experience, skill, existing relationships, and massive buying capability. With our buying power and expertise, TR Group can present a lower overall cost of ownership.

At the end of the specified term, you have a number of options:

  • The vehicle can be returned to TR Group with no further obligation.
  • You can extend the vehicle for a further term.
  • You can replace your vehicle with a new one from TR Group.
Search Cash

Cash flow certainty

Costs and the timing of expenses over the term of the lease are known, meaning there are no surprises from unforeseen maintenance bills.


Tailored lease payments

Payments can be structured to suit different revenue streams including seasonality variations.


Opportunity cost of time 

How much time and money do you spend on managing your fleet? Let TR Group take care of this hassle so you can focus on your people, your customers, and your business.


Fully Maintained Operating Lease - Time and Mileage Lease

Time and Mileage is a unique fully maintained lease option created for customers who want the benefits that an operating lease provides, but also like the flexibility to adapt to the changing demands in their business.

The advantages of Time and Mileage include:

By billing monthly in arrears, based on the actual kilometres travelled, Time and Mileage doesn’t lock you in to a predetermined monthly lease payment and only charges you for the kilometres you have actually travelled.

  • You don’t carry any RUC inventory on your leased vehicles.
  • There are no advance lease payments.

Risk is reduced

The following business risks all pass to TR Group:

  • Residual value risk
  • Asset maintenance risk
  • Interest rate risk
  • Inflationary risk

Improved Cash Flow

Your lease is billed in arrears with Road User Charges (RUC) and tyres (optional) included.


The distance you actually travel is adjusted for by the structure of the lease and downtime is automatically compensated for.

My TR, your online portal to your fleet

Freeing you up to take care of your business

TR Group is all about making heavy vehicle fleet management easy for you, and when we say “easy” we really mean it.

My TR is a time-saving online portal into your TR Group account, which allows you to view all the data of every vehicle in your fleet. This includes your:

  • financial statements
  • mileage summaries
  • contract information
  • registration and certification status
  • and more.

You can get a big picture view, or you can drill down to the details of a specific vehicle depending on what you need to know quickly and easily.


Track your vehicle’s data

You can easily view the hire rate and the mileage rate for your vehicle.


Track your vehicle’s invoices

In just two clicks you’ll be able to find the invoices for a specific vehicle in your fleet.


Track your service expiries

Upcoming and expired services and certification can be monitored at just the click of a button. In addition, MyTR holds a complete service history for all of your vehicles


The TR Group Lease Team

Peter Sowman

Sales & Account Manager

Len Walker

Sales & Account Manager

Ray Lindsay

Key Account Manager

Kevin Bedford

Sales & Account Manager

Chris Iles

Sales & Account Manager

Hamish Quinn

Sales & Account Manager

Norah McGrath

Sales Support

Lisa Montoo

Sales Support

Greg Yule

Sales & Account Manager

Ari Murray (Muzz)

Sales & Account Manager

Shayne Barns

Sales & Account Manager


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