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Our new normal

The world has changed amongst the Covid 19 pandemic, and here at TR Group we have had to adapt and move with the changes. The way we work has changed, we decided as a business to make the most of a difficult situation and to come out the other side of lockdown with a new appreciation for each other, the world we live in, and through new lenses we were able to see just how flexible we could get.

When New Zealand went into level 4 lockdown, TR were able to contribute to keeping New Zealand moving by supporting our essential services across the nation. To be able to help in a small way by supporting our truckies delivering the essential food, medical supplies and products that we needed was incredibly humbling .

Our team across New Zealand suddenly found themselves in a new normal, working from home, balancing the kids, work and a pandemic which brought its own stressors. Some of our teams’ daily work drastically changed, moving away from the likes of;
• Hands on training
• Building vehicles
• Refurbishing vehicles ready for sale
• Customer interactions
And swiftly turned to continuous improvement. “What can we do to be better?” this was the running commentary throughout the nearly 8 weeks most of us were at home.

The team quickly adapted to working ON their roles, rather than IN them and created a bit of magic. If you are a customer or supplier of ours, you might notice some of the team asking for feedback, looking for your input, or doing things slightly differently – this is all down to focusing on being better today than we were yesterday.

Some examples of the work done in lockdown:
• Our Training team have redesigned their training presentations, the material that goes with it and have had the    time to review their programs and ask themselves “is this what our customers want and need?”.
• Our Build and Sales team got together to make sure they are delivering the best product and customer experience possible – working together to ensure a “One TR” experience for all.
• Our IT team learnt on the fly how to support a team entirely working from home.
• Our Maintenance team created a map of our affiliated workshops across the country, tidied up our customer/workshops files of old notes and “leaned out” some of our system processes for more efficient workflow.

World’s best is a journey, not a destination and we are always striving to be the best at what we do, learning new techniques, working better together for our customers and the industry that we love.

Our team are now adapting to a mixed working from home/at the office approach, which enables us to achieve big projects, achieve a better work/life balance and flexibility to work to the best of their ability. We have welcomed the change, embraced our new normal and feel we are better for it.

The pause that Covid 19 created around the world has certainly had its challenges, however by using our time wisely we have been able to closely assess many corners of our business and find success in the small things that bring us closer to worlds best. We hope that our customers and suppliers will be seeing the advantages of the hard work put in by the team, as we pick back up where we left off making heavy vehicle lease and rental easy for you.

About the author

Morgan Crump

Morgan has been with TR Group since 2017 working as the other half of our People Care and Development team. With people being her top passion, she helps everyone in TR Group grow to their full potential.


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