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What's Happening at TR Group

Truck and trailer

New Zealand Truck Driver Championship

Imagine New Zealand’s roads being the safest in the world. We might have a long way to go but road safety starts with those behind the wheel. Which is why TR Group is proud to support the Road Transport Forum’s New Zealand Truck Driver Championship. The New Zealand Truck Driver Championship is an annual competition hosted by the Road Transport Forum (RTF) in partnership with TR ...

Group photo

Youth Team Trust

Nelson Mandela stated that “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. When Andrew Carpenter founded TR Group in 1992, together with his good mate, Neil Bretherton, they were only a few years out of their teens. They had a great love for trucks but they knew right from the start that TR Group was not about trucks, but about people and the relationships and interactions we ...

Children enjoying books

The Alan Duff Charitable Foundation

The number of children who have a strong habit of reading has steadily declined over the years. We live in a digital age where we’re face to face with screens every day. As technology advances, the number of children who prefer screens over books has dramatically increased. In other cases, there are children who simply do not have access to books, hindering their potential lear ...


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