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We specialise in heavy transport, and nothing but heavy transport.

Through the years, the same basic values that we started off with have become a part of our company culture, and we believe you’ll notice this whenever you deal with any member of the TR Group team. They are non-negotiable and something we live by daily. It’s the TR way!


Everything we do reflects the pride and passion we have in our work and in TR Group. Every day, we look to contribute to the company’s success, and to share our pride and passion with others.


We display the ability to identify any opportunities to make a positive difference - for our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves.


“Do an honest day’s work and you will be fine”

Honesty is a cornerstone of TR Group. We choose the more difficult path of being constructively honest in our communication and in our relationships.


“The one plus effect”

TR Group really is one team. We aim to have a positive influence on each other, providing support and inspiration to help lift our overall performance.

Work Ethic

We believe in planning well, being thorough, and working hard to achieve our goals. We strive for excellence in everything we do.

Continuous Improvement

Every day we seek to add value to our service for both TR Group and customers alike. We have a thirst to learn, a hunger to improve, and the courage to take action.


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