Fleet Leasing

Fleet Leasing

TR Group specialises in the lifetime management of trucks and trailers. Leasing with TR Group allows our customers to get on with running their business, while our team looks after the day to day maintenance of their equipment.

We have New Zealand's largest lease and rental fleets – basically we buy better, we service better, and we fund better. So you get reliable vehicles that are 100% fit for purpose, at great rates without any ownership-related issues.

We offer a Fully Maintained Operating Lease or a Time and Mileage Lease but we don't do “one size and one price fits all”. Instead, we’ll work with you to tailor a solution that fits your unique needs, because after all, no two companies or fleets are the same. If one of our leases doesn’t meet your individual business needs, then we can tailor a solution that does.



You partner with us -

Taking advantage of our experience, skill, existing relationships and massive buying capability.


Cash flow certainty -

Costs and the timing of expenses over the term of the lease are known, meaning there are no surprises from unforeseen maintenance bills.


Tailored lease
payments -

Payments can be structured to suit different revenue streams including seasonality variations.


Vehicles are not included on your balance sheet -

Operating leases are not reported on the balance sheet, allowing credit lines to be maintained and capital to be utilised in more productive assets or investments.


Risk is reduced -

The following business risks all pass to us:
• Residual value risk
• Asset maintenance risk
• Interest rate risk
• Inflationary risk

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