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Build Manager

We are looking for a new person to join our Build team in Auckland.

Going to work shouldn't feel like a chore, at TR Group we thrive because our teammates are driven towards awesome results and working in an awesome environment.

The role will primarily be project managing the build of new vehicles for TR Group’s fleet with some coordinating of refurbishments of existing vehicles.

From when our customer signs an acceptance to lease a new vehicle from TR Group, the build process encompasses the following key tasks, coming under the umbrella of project management & communication.

Key Responsibilities of the role:

  • Co-ordinate & manage new builds & fleet refurbishments, while communicating proactively throughout.
  • Appraisal of vehicle and scoping of work required.
  • Obtaining costs and getting sign off from appropriate authorities prior to any work being undertaken.
  • Communicating and coordinating suppliers to ensure delivery times are met – includes OEM’s, engineers, painters, curtain manufacturers, sign writers etc.
  • Proactively managing suppliers so they meet and exceed our standards and expectations and ensure the relationships are win-win.
  • Update build schedules and give visibility throughout the build process to the relevant people on progress of individual projects.
  • Receipt of finished vehicles and sign off that all work has been completed to standard.

We are looking for someone with experience around the following:

  • Project management skills - this is more than juggling a few balls in the air, it is having the skill to understand where your attention should be, having a finger on the pulse and deep understanding of the patience and attention to detail required.
  • Outstanding communication - this role revolves around powerful communication, our suppliers and sales team rely on you for knowing where things are at, and what's expected.
  • High standards - being disciplined around expectations, with a real knack for process.
  • Solution driven - being proactive around how to deal with various problems serves you well.

What we are looking for in a person to join the team

Confident and independent:

  • Confident, but egoless. Its important to be independent and confident in decision making when you need to be.

Willingness to listen and learn:

  • Being present is in the forefront of your mind, practicing presence with our customers and suppliers alike. Proactive with learning and collecting feedback, seeing it only as an opportunity to grow.


  • The success of TR Group comes from having an entire team understanding a customer's requirements and being motivated to meet them. The day a deal is won, is the day our entire company's work starts for that customer, working together to achieve excellence in our customers eyes is key


  • Being authentic in your integrity is important to you.


  • We're firm believers that nothing great comes easy, we are always up for a challenge.

But what do you get out of working with TR Group?

Our values speak to who each and every one of us are, and we don't have to have the words on the wall to prove it. TR Group is so much more than a business, we make a lasting imprint on each other, our customers and the community we live in. We are dedicated to personal growth of our team, whether that's new ways of thinking, doing or simply getting out of the every-day to work on yourself - all with the thought of making the experience for our customer better and better each day.

If you want to know a little more about us, copy and paste the link below.

Applications close 16 February 2022
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