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IT Trainer

Going to work shouldn't feel like a chore, at TR Group we thrive because our teammates are driven towards awesome results and an awesome environment. No two days are the same here, and that's not a platitude - We go out of our way to ensure we look after our customers and are always looking to be better than yesterday.

We are the industry leader in all things trucks and trailers - lease, rental, training and used vehicle sales. Most of our team are what we call 'truck-nuts' - and if you're not a truck-nut, you love supporting them.

Since 1992 we have come a long way from a one-man-band to the team of 230 we are today across NZ and Australia.

The role of IT Trainer

This semi-technical role within the IT team is responsible for improving the technical understanding of the TR team - translating technical IT by designing and facilitating training courses for our systems, upgrades, new employees, projects and products. The role is a new one, but will transform our IT team to be more focused on delivering new technologies and providing excellent internal customer service.

The team as a whole is growing, and with that we need some serious talent in our IT team to help support the growth of the business, and the future ahead of us. We’re looking for people who love to learn, enjoy a challenge, aren’t scared of a bit of hard work, and enjoy working in a team-oriented environment. Culture is an important piece of our puzzle and we work hard to get the right person in the right job, not just any "bum in a seat". Working at TR Group gives you the chance to work on yourself as well as your chosen career; we model growth in everything we do.

We are looking for someone with the following job experience and traits up their sleeve:

  • Strong experience providing IT training and education.
  • Have a passion for both IT, and helping people understand it. Facilitation is only part of the role of trainer, listening to understand goes a long way.
  • An engaging personality, being able to mould training to the audience rather than the other way around.
  • Excel at communication written and verbal - this role is relied on for translating IT terms to people who aren't as technically minded.
  • Comfort in front of a crowd - training wont always be one-on-one, this role requires confidence in facilitation.
  • The ability to collaborate - our IT Trainer is likely to see and interoperate where our systems may need tweaking for our customers, getting that message to the right people is important.
  • Strong acumen in IT technology and terms - this is something you will speak fluently.
  • Be a support person for telephone queries, user issues and training issues.
  • Have the ability to dive in and find out why. Business acumen, understanding of how the business works and the people in it will be help this role immensely.

As well as having the skills for the job, you just can’t beat a good attitude.

We are looking for someone who is proud of their work ethic, is dependable and ready to launch into a new challenge when one has finished. Be a positive influence to those around them, always looking for a win/win where we can. Someone who is self-motivated with the energy and outlook to to be autonomous in their job. You enjoy communicating, even though you mostly have your head in code - communicating with others is the butter to the bread so to speak.

But what do you get out of working with TR Group?

We are a team, and we have fun doing our work - going to work with your mates everyday is something we don't take for granted, and it helps to get us out of bed in the morning. Our values speak to who each of us are, and we don't have to have the words on the wall to prove it. TR Group is so much more than a business, we make a lasting imprint on each other and the community we live in all while focusing on our customers experience. We are dedicated to personal growth of our team, whether that's new ways of thinking, doing or simply getting out of the every day to work on yourself. You can expect to learn and develop both personally and professionally, and we believe that the better person you are at home, is the better person that comes to work. It’s not just a job.

If you want to know a little more about us, check us out here:

Applications close 27 May 2022
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