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Yard Foreman

We're looking for a top-notch person to join our Yard Team at our Auckland Rental Branch.

We are the industry leader in all things trucks and trailers - lease, rental, training and used vehicle sales. Most of our team are what we call 'truck-nuts' - and if you're not a truck-nut, you love supporting them.

Since 1992 we have come a long way from a one-man-band to the team of 200 we are today across NZ and Australia. With a grand total of 8,300 vehicles supplied and managed by TR we sure do stay busy!

The role of Yard Foreman is a new one, as we grow and get busier, we have a need for quality control and a positive influence towards “exceeding our own expectations” as a team. Our existing Yard team of 4 others do a great job, what we are looking to do is add to that with professionalism and organisation – someone who loves to get stuck into the work, and happy to be the one to answer questions and help guide the day. You will be the type of person that keeps an eye out for what needs to be done around the place and doesn’t need to be told what job comes next, you think on your feet and have TR Groups best interests at heart and it shows.

Your day would look a little something like:

  • You will be the person guiding the way, where you are not anyone’s boss, you will hold a certain respect with the team, and equally respect them – this includes listening, understanding and helping where you can – helping understand workloads and who is capable of what each day is vital.
  • You are leading by example, calling out behavior where it doesn’t fit the TR way, and working within our values.
  • You will be back up to the Yard Supervisor when it comes to managing the maintenance of our vehicles, when something needs fixing, you will be able to help make it so! This does include a degree of using our systems and computers, and we are happy to train you in that. An aptitude with technology would really help.
  • Customer service - Greeting customers when they return rental vehicles and dehiring the vehicle in our computer operating system.
  • Checking for and identifying damage on vehicles when returned from hire.
  • Ensuring vehicles are prepared and ready for hire as soon as possible.  This includes washing vehicles and grooming inside the cabs.
  • Helping distribute the workload to ensure everyone is working as efficiently as possible.
  • Be the go-to person if the team have questions – you will be in the know about what’s going on around the yard, who to speak to, and what’s coming up.
  • Working with the rental team to ensure all vehicles in the yard are clean and tidy, well-presented and ready for hire (quality control).
  • Hands on approach, including occasional driving and vehicle delivery.
  • Teamwork is required and is the basis of all success in the Auckland yard.
  • Ensure the appearance of the yard is maintained in all respects - fencing, rubbish collection, street appeal and general appearance – you will be the type to actively notice this.

As you can see, it provides great variety and plenty of challenges and is a key role in our Yard team. Most of all, we're after people that are positive and highly motivated with loads of energy. You'll love assisting others, being highly organised and helping to provide our unbeatable standard of service.

But what do you get out of working with TR Group?

We are a team, and we are a family. We look after each other in the good times, and the tough times. Our values speak to who each and every one of us are, and we don't have to have the words on the wall to prove it. TR Group is so much more than a business, we make a lasting imprint on each other and the community we live in. We are dedicated to personal growth of our team, whether that's new ways of thinking, doing or simply getting out of the every day to work on yourself. You can expect to learn and develop both personally and professionally, and we believe that the better person you are at home, is the better person that comes to work. Its not just a job.

If you want to know a little more about us, check us out here:

Applications close 23 April 2021
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