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Youth Team Trust

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Nelson Mandela stated that “the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. When Andrew Carpenter founded TR Group in 1992, together with his good mate, Neil Bretherton, they were only a few years out of their teens. They had a great love for trucks but they knew right from the start that TR Group was not about trucks, but about people and the relationships and interactions we all have every day.

Building what TR Group is today had its fair share of teething problems but as the company grew, the values that were there at the beginning only grew stronger. The belief that people can always make a difference never changed and this has become a part of the company’s culture.

In 2002, fate brought TR Group together with another like-minded group of people: Youth Team Trust. Founded by Mereana Taatu in 1998, Youth Team Trust was created “to empower young New Zealanders to take responsibility for their lives by creating an environment of trust, focus and passion, giving them the opportunity and skills to develop their dreams”. It’s a philosophy that everyone at TR Group can get behind.

When we spoke to Andrew about the 16-year relationship with Youth Team Trust he said “self-development is a continuous journey and Youth Team Trust is an organisation that empowers the youth of today, turning them into outstanding adults, capable of making better life decisions. All they need is a chance to succeed, and an environment where they are encouraged to make better choices in life. By working with an organisation that’s dedicated to supporting young people, we get to play a part on influencing our future leaders.”

Since its founding, the Youth Team Trust has helped over 4,000 teenagers become successful adults in their families, workplaces, and communities. It’s easy to see how effective Youth Team Trust’s work is. They make a very real difference to many people and their families, helping them to be safer, healthier and happier. This is a superb fit with our own values, and we’re extremely grateful to be involved with this excellent community organisation.

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About the author

Hamish Quinn

Hamish has been in the trucking industry for some time and has a range of impressive roles under his belt. He is now one of TR Group’s Sales and Accounts Managers, working together with the lease sales team.


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